Monday, August 9, 2010

Austin - Madison Wisconsin - Aug 9, 2010

No me toques
That is a phrase my campion uses all the time which means, "don't touch me." Not that I touch him a lot, he just says it a lot if I were to pretend to touch his white shirt if I had ketchup on my fingers or something.
Anyways, played golf again this morning, it was a blast. I did 13 strokes better than last time. I even sunk a 20 foot put...not bad.
So I should probably clarify, there is only one pregant investigator. Cecilia. She gave birth on the first of August, actual. They were going to do a c-section on the 2nd but after we visited her on the first we left and then ten minutes later she tried to stand up and her water (which in Spanish is 'fuente' or fountain haha) broke. So she has a darling baby son now. That's the same lady with the daughter that reminds me of Alaina. She also needs to get married before baptized.
Amparo is the one that is struggling the most with a less active husband and her son is in jail facing 20 years in prison for only witnessing a gang related murder and not reporting it. She needs to get married too before she can be baptized.
The Jones family were in the pictures I sent you. They are a member family. We helped them move to Milwaukee by carrying a bunch of big stuff to the POD they had.
Sonya and her daughter Cindy both have baptismal dates again. She quit her job, I think partly because she didn't like it but also because she didn't like working on Sunday! She called us after she quit kind of like, "What did I just do?" We reassured her that she would be blessed and helped for her incredible decision.
I'll be sending my memory card this week since it is full.
Last night was ridiculous there was lightning flashing BAZERK like every 2-5 seconds. We have part of the window covered by cardboard and at 2:00 AM it blow out and all of this water came in. It was nuts. We could not go back to sleep. I have a nice video of it that I'll try to send ya'll.
The biggest news is that we did exchanges this week. I worked with the district leader. He is so savvy and missionary smart. His name is Elder Sharrah, and he is so good at Spanish. He's also just a really chill guy. Like just looking at him you wouldn't expect him to be the most successful missionary in the entire state. He is truly a spectacular missionary and I just had a ball learning from him. I just tried to open my mind as much as possible and try to analyze and take in everything he did. The Latinos love him too, his Spanish is really, really good. It was a huge lesson to me that I need to make my Spanish as good as possible and it will help the missionary work.
While talking to a few Hispanics on the street, we got to know them and we got pretty familiar with them. They asked us if we played any sports and I said I played soccer and they asked if I was good and I was like, "yeah, I'm pretty good." and they were like, "yeah? Ya wanna play for our team?" And I was like, "yeah sure." And they were like, " what position do you play." And I was like, "striker." And they were like, "what? In Spanish please." And then I had to try to figure out how to say forward in Spanish. But it was cool, I'd totally play for them but I'm leaving in two weeks obviously for Milwaukee, *for those that don't know: I already know I'm going to Milwaukee to be closer to my gastrointerologist since I have frequent doctor appointments.) Anyways, we try to play soccer pretty frequently around here. The latinos love it and it really gets a lot of respect for the missionaries when a lanky gringo steps on the field with a nametag on. It's tight.
Well, I don't have much more time so I'll be going now. Off to McDonalds, probably, for the hundredth time.
Elder Papritz

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