Monday, August 2, 2010

Amy - First week MTC - July 26, 2010

Nimen hao!!!!
I am so glad that Monday is finally here!!! This past week has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! I love the MTC! A lot of people told me that they hated the MTC and that they couldn't wait to get out but I can't see why. I love it here! The Spirit is so strong all the time. Austin was right! There is truly no other place on earth like this. Its so awesome to walk down the hallway and to hear Elders and Sisters speak in a bunch of different languages. Many have beared their testimonies with me and it is amazing how simple they are yet so powerful. I am doing great! I sent a letter to you saying that I need my immunization record sent to me with the two dates for my MMR shots. If you could send them ASAP that would be great!
Ok, about the MTC. Once I tearfully said goodbye to mom, dad and autumn I walked with that sister inside where they showed me to my room. I once I put my stuff down I went to another building and got my tag, whitehandbook, and a bunch of other things. This older sister put my tag on me in place of my mom. It was so wonderful to finally put my tag on. It was so amazing to feel the Spirit so strongly once I had my tag on. I love it!! 550 new missionaries came in the same day I did. Isn't that awesome!? Just on the first day I saw Elder Rane and Fredrickson. They love it here too. I have also seen a few other people from our stake that are here.I did a bunch of checking in stuff which was crazy! It felt like I was in a hurricane. Then I went into my classroom and met my companion and district. My companion is Sister Bready!! Its so crazy how we ended up being companions. She is absolutely amazing and has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. We have a lot of fun together but we work really hard. My district is incredible!!!! There are 5 companionships total and Sister Bready or Jiang Jiemei and I are the only sisters. These Elders are so amazing. They each have such strong testimonies of the Gospel. Most of us have had a little experience with Chinese except for 3 Elders. One of them is from Malyasia. His name is Elder Deines. Pray for him. He is having a difficult time with Chinese. His English is not very good so he has to learn English and Chinese. But dispite the fact that they have little or no knowledge of Chinese they have done amazingly. Its amazing how the gift of tounges works and how much we have learned in the last 5 days. When we started we could barely speak Chinese now we can all pray a sincere longish prayer and bear our testimonies. I know the Spirit is really and that it is such a blessing in my life to have. This next Saturday we give our first lesson!! YIKES!!! We first contact someone in a park setting (really its just in a classroom) in Chinese and then we teach them a lesson in English. I am so excited to teach but scared stiff. I know though that the Spirit is the real teacher. Our laoshimen (teachers) are wonderful. We have three sisters teaching our class. Each of them served a mission in Taiwan. They have such a love for the Chinese language and for the people in Taiwan. They make our classes really fun but they work us really hard. After our meeting each other and having a few meetings about the MTC we did some teaching. They had all of the new Elders and Sisters in a room and taught us that we need to keep our lessons simple and we need to teach by the Spirit. It was a truly humbling experience. It made me excited to teach but also nervous because these are really people with real problems that we need to help bring unto Chirst. Its exciting to know that I will be able to help them.
Today is our Preparation day. We had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple to day. I love the temple. The Provo temple is beautiful. The session was great and the Spirit was so strong. It definately will set the tone for the whole week. For the rest of P-day I am going to write some letters. By the way mom if you can send me Sister Papworth's address I bought a thank you card to send her. Other than that and studying that is really it. We also have classes today in the evening. The classes are long but really great.
Well family I can't think of anything else to write. I got a huge e-mail from Austin but I wasn't able to read it because the computer was being stinky! I will write him today. I love you all so much! I miss you like crazy!! Please write lots of letters and send pictures. I know without a doubt in my mind that a mission is the best thing that I can be doing right now. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that it is the only way that we can be happy. Love you! I pray and think about you every day and night.
All my love,
Sister Papritz (Yang Jiemei)

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