Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Austin - Week 2 in the MTC - May 18, 2010

Holan! That's what we say in our zone because a couple of the older missionaries (that have been here for 12 weeks because they can't get their visas to Mexico) persuaded my entire district that "hola" was a verb and that it was technically correct to say Holan if you were saying hello to more than one person haha.

Anyways, it has been a big week. I've learned a ton, in Spanish and in the gospel. I see myself using the scriptures a lot easier and teaching by the spirit. I love the program here, often we prepare for a lesson but most of the time it seems to go out the window and we just end up teaching by the person's immediate needs. Every Saturday there is a thing called the TRC task in wich they give you role-playing scenario and then you use what you learned throughout the week to teach the lesson. This week the scenario was that we were suppose to be in a park and we were to come up to 3 different people and start talking to them and figure out their needs and start a conversation about the gospel and schedule an appointment to teach them again, all in Spanish. It wasn't even that bad because my companionship has our own role-playing investigators that we meet with two times a week that are all in Spanish. In fact, just on last Thursday we taught this one guy named Simon the first discussion in Spanish. I'm amazed at how fast I'm learning Spanish.

So the zone leaders left for Mexico this week and they assigned new zone leaders. They chose the two elders that have been here for 12 weeks, Elder Stowman and Elder Preece. I love those two elders, they are so mature and patient. They've been told that they are probably going to be here for five more weeks without getting their visa and without getting reassigned. It's also funny because Elder Stowman is a short, strong former wrestling Elder with Cauliflower ear in both ears, we call him hunchback because he kind of just trolls the halls of the MTC. I feel like sometimes he is going insane from being here so long, it's hilarious. Sometimes he'll just start twitching and biting random things just to be funny, but it's hilarious to just imagine that he's actually going mad. I can't imagine being here for that long, they really are incredibly Elders.

Probably the coolest part of the week was having Elder Holland speak at the Tuesday devotional. It was an incredibly powerful talk. He essentially told us that we need to man up and get to work. It was funny, he told us that we have agency for most every thing in this world but he told us that we didn't have the choice, the agency to mess up the image of the church and of missionaries. We don't have the agency to come home and tell how we bent the rules in our homecoming talk or how bad our mission president was. It was an incredidle night. It really left everyone a lot to talk and think about.

I miss you all and I appreciate the letters and support. Don't worry about me though, I'm doing fantastic. The MTC is a wonderful place, a place that I could definitely see Jesus Christ being happy to see. Thousands of men and women from all over the world coming together in a single purpose that always points to Him. It's beautiful. Have a great week everyone!

Elder Papritz

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