Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Austin - MTC- June 8, 2010

Hey family,

I'm excited for this coming week. My companionship had an incredible weekly planning session yesterday, we have tons of goals and it has gotten our companionship excited again to do work. We were finding that since we had been here for 4 weeks now that we were finding it hard to have the same fire that we had the first couple weeks. And thought and talked about it and even prayed about it and we figured out that it was all in our planning. So I'm starting to figure out my big weakness, when it comes to Spanish, I am NOT an audible learner. It's incredible how bad I am at understanding spoken Spanish. It has been really tempting to constantly ask them to write words or spell them or repeat them for me (or just not try to listen) but I've taken the problem by the horns. For the last week and this week too, I have planned to listen to a conference talk in Spanish every day (there are computers that have only LDS.org available) and I had a personal tutor for an hour where we only went over understanding spoken Spanish. I can see myself getting better but it is truly difficult for me, I'm such a visual learning, I just want to constantly be able to see the word or at least be able to imagine the written word in my head.

Every Monday, starting three Mondays ago, my companionship schedules an appointment with one of the full-time tutors to work on contacting in Spanish. The first time was super rough and it was really slow and when we practiced it would always end with her saying, "I'm sorry, I'm busy right now, thanks for your time Elders." But it has been so much fun to see how we progress every week with that. Just yesterday it was all starting to come together and we were able to successfully interest her and schedule an appointment.

I love the short-sleeved shirts, but probably more than me, my companions love the short-sleeved shirts haha. We wear short-sleeved every day now, it's blazing hot every day. Autumn: the scrubs are awesome, I am now the coolest missionary at the MTC. Also, because of my coolness, another Elder got out the scrubs that he brought but he hadn't wore because hey tought he would look stupid haha. So we walked around to Elders' rooms and pretended to perform surgery on them while they were in their beds reading their letters.

I love the letters so much. I'm appreciating them more and more as I'm getting longer and longer away from you all. How did Sister Gurule's baptism? Wasn't that last Sunday? I've been thinking about that all week, it's truly fantastic.

Also, I just want to say, shout-out to my Wettlaufer sistas for sending me more mail than my entire family combined. I loved the Japanese cartoons. It was funny, when I opened the package and my companions saw the drawings, they thought it was Abby and Alaina that had colored them haha. They told me, "You told us that your sisters were really smart, so we thought they could probably draw that good."

Anyways, tengo dos minutos para terminar.

Love you all so much, the support means the world to me. Especially when I'm the only Elder in the zone (I swear) without a girlfriend (or former girlfriend) writing me haha.

Elder Papritz

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