Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Austin - MTC - June 22, 2010

Hello all,

You all need to inform me every day of games on every team. I need to be in the loop. You don't have to worry about me getting distracted, in fact, I was in the health clinic waiting for my companion and the old ladies working at the health clinic were watching the game against Slovania on full screen on their computer with the sound on.. Uuuugh AND the computer was facing straight at me. I just burried my head in to my Spanish book and kept studying. It was super tempting but I with-held the temptation to see the game. And we were even there when (I think) the refs called back the last goal by the US because all the secretaries were kind of screaming and talking amongst themselves. I'll admit, my heart was pounding for the US, I didn't know how bad it was. Anyways, the computers are being so weird today. I can't use the enter button at all and whenever I press the period button it makes to periods like this.. So don't mind the double periods if I leave any. It's odd, I don't feel like I have too much to say. Everything's been going great. I can finally understand Spanish! I know it has been because I've been listening to a conference talk in Spanish every day ever since I identified that problem and this last week my teachers would tell stories from their mission and teach in Spanish and I could pretty much totally understand them, that definitely felt really good. Elder Moore is a walking caution-cone. He hurts himself all the time. I told the story on the tape I told you of how he sat down on two chairs that were stacked up on each other and he grabbed the top chair, ya know like you usually do when you are going to sit down to make sure you don't miss the chair, and he sat down and the chairs weren't actually stacked they were just put on top of each other and he fell 10 inches and absolutely smashed his middle finger. It was so funny, we all started laughing, even Elder Moore, and then he looked down at has finger which was bleeding out of every corner of his finger nail and his laughing turned in to a kind of whimper and ALL of the color went out of his face. He seriously looked like he had jaundice. We had to take him to the health clinic and he was all lightheaded and clammy from a little hurt finger. It was so funny, we laugh about it now but he seriously thought he was going to passout in the moment. And to make it all even funnier, we were in the middle of a tutoring session when it happened, the teacher had no clue what to do. He was just like, "well, oh um...... let me get my boss." haha Other than that, the new mission presidents are coming this week (starting tomorrow). The choir is going to sing for the their morning meeting every morning, we got our itinerary today and these are the speakers at these meetings that we will be singing 10 feet away from: "Day 1: President Eyring. Day 2: President Uchtdorf. Day 3: Elder Anderson and then later that day Elder Holland. Day 4: President Monson." Haha I just laughed when I saw that, it's going to be awesome. I hope I will get to meet my future mission president, I've heard they will allow the presidents to meet with their missionaries that are here, so we'll see. I have one thing to say, I sent a package which was suppose to include the memory card for my camera but I was in a rush when I was in the mailroom and not thinking and I put in the battery pack instead of the memory card haha. Sooo, I'll send the memory card later, my bad, just send the battery pack back please. Welp, that's all I got. Hope camp goes well and the rest of the family is great. Love ya'll, Elder Papritz.

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