Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Austin - MTC - June 15, 2010

It really has been a great week. The Monday before last we had a class discussing about goals and goal setting. I made sure to set really good goals and uuugh it was so nice. I felt so motivated every day because I wanted to be able to put a check mark next to each of my goals. I learned SO much Spanish this week. I'm so excited I can feel "it" will happen soon. "It" being that I will soon be able to think in Spanish and speak it without translated it in my head...and maybe even dream in Spanish! haha My companionship has really stepped it up and we've all be getting out of our comfort zone and teaching a ton and contacting random people. It's fantastic.

So it's been a buusy week. Two Elders in my district were chosen to tryout for the choir here, Elder Reardon and I had to leave class early yesterday to go try out. We both did great. I'm excited because we'll be singing for so many general authorities because they will all be here to train the new mission presidents, including the mission president for Wisconsin! I hope that I run in to him here at the MTC. After today, my district will be the oldest district in the zone, it's super weird because I don't feel ready. Soon I won't be asking other people for Spanish help, others will be asking ME. The Elders that were here for 16 weeks finally got reassigned to Provo and Salt Lake until they get their visas to Mexico.

For those wondering how my preperation day goes (Tuesdays):

Despertar a las cinco y cuarto

Desayuno a las siete

Lavaderia a las siete y media

Mientras hacerlo, escribir las cartas

Tiempo estudio a las diez

hasta almuerzo a las once y media

Ir al templo hasta a las tres

mas teimpo para estudiar

luego cena a las cuatro y media

y mas tiempo para estudiar

hasta la devocional a las siete

luego mas estudiar.

Planear por manana a las nueve

Dormir a las diez y media.

I only have like an hour and a half to write letters so that's why it seems like I don't write that much. Sorry.

I'm so proud of Alden for the awards he got. Way to represent fa reals! How did graduation go for you? Any ... incidents? What did you all give to the principle when you shook his hand? Also, that's terrible that one of the geese died. So many memories. So many lessons about life learned. I'm glad Alaina and Abby are able to experience life the same way I did.

Elder Hales talked at the last devotional, that makes three apostles for my district, and it will be even more during mission president week. My teacher had NO apostles talk while she was at the MTC. We're very lucky

So there are these jalapeno cheese bagels that I didn't think I'd like but they are incredible. I eat one every day now and I sneak three or four out of the cafeteria to eat during the day. Every in my district loves them. We keep a stockpile in my closet of the reserve during times of famine. You should go buy one at Winco and eat one and think of me because their DELICIOUS. Anyways, I have one minute to rap this up.

Love you all, I'm so glad to be in all of your prayers. Thanks for the letters but you're doing to have to try harder to beat out the Wetlauffers they're writing letter for letter with ya'll. Step it up haha.

Bye Elder papritz

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