Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Austin - MTC - June 1, 2010

This week has been phe-nom-en-al. Everything is coming together. Our teachers have been hammering us about all of these things:

-teaching with good questions

-but all using lots of scriptures when you teach

-but not just 'counseling' with scripture, actually teaching doctrine

-make it always apply to their needs

-pray for your companion while they are speaking

-have companionship unity, which involves no one person speaking for too long and doing appropriate segways from what your companion said, and not just give your shpeel.

And much more. It's a lot to keep track of but we were teaching our teacher, Hno. Rivers role playing as his mom who is a non-member, and it was incredible. It was ironic too because we prepared for him to teach one lesson, but we were betting on him doing the committed reading (Mosiah 2) but he showed up and said, "sorry, i forgot what i was suppose to read so i just read 1 nephi 1." And so we had to readjust our lesson plan on the fly, it worked wonderfully with the spirit and every spoke up and use their best teaching skills to connect with him. After it was over our teacher just sat there and smiled at us, it was the most satisfying thing ever. Especially because he is usually really hard on us, if we aren't doing all of the above things then he lets us known in his body language (we had already taught him two times, this was our third.).

Anyways, I'm just trucking along here. I can't believe this is going to be my 5th Wednesday, which means that we are also going to speak all Spanish. I can't wait, I know I'll learn a lot. This week I learned the subjunctive tense which is like the weirdest, hardest tense but I understood really well and I'm hoping to hit it really hard this week to get it down. They are sentences like, "God wants YOU TO BE obedient." the capitalized part would be subjunctive. I think it would go, "Dios quiere que usted sea obediente." I don't know, it's weird.

Another big thing that happened this week is we got new Elders in our zone. There are 10 of them, it's such a big group of missionaries (people-wise AND like height and weight-wise.)

There are so many of my friends from BYU that came in this week too. We took a picture at the temple grounds, on Sunday, and there was 13 of us. I see them around the MTC all the time.

I ROCK at foursquare. I was in the king square during my last gymn for like 12 rounds. I figured out this awesome feaux-Japanese style where I chop my hand down at the ball to put incredible spin on it and it's like impossible to hit. It's also pretty hard to aim but when I get it, which I'm perfecting every day. I also yell out Japanese-like Spanish words when I hit it like, "BendiCION." All you have to do is yell the last syllable with an upward swoop in tone to make it sound Japanese. "FueRON." Yeah, so I have a lot of fun with that.

My time is about up. It's rough too because the post office is closed on Saturday after 2:00PM and on Sunday and then Monday was a holiday. So I've gotten like no mail lately and I don't know what to respond to right now. But I know you all are blessed by me being on a mission, and that makes me so glad. Keep up the incredible work, I appreciate you all.

Much, much love

Elder Papritz

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