Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Austin - First week - May 11, 2010

These last six days have been crazy. The first day we had to be in our classroom by 4:00PM and my companion got there but there were four Elders missing. In fact, they didn't show up at all to class, we figured they just didn't know where they were suppose to be since it was our first day. After the class we ran in to the Elders who were missing and all the told us was, "Boy, do we have a story for you." That night they explained how they got stuck in the elevator for 45 minutes in one of the buildings. Even funnier, my companion and I were going to take the elevator and we were perplexed when we would press the button and the up arrow would light up then it would go out after 5 seconds, because our roommate companions were stuck in the elevator haha.

There are four guys in our room all of which are going to Wisconsin and speaking Spanish. However, after couple days our teacher noticed one of our companions knew Spanish pretty well and could probably move up to the more advanced Spanish class. He pulled me aside too to be tested because I had been picking it up really fast. They asked us a series of questions to test our vocab, verb conjugating and explanation skills. I did pretty well but I explained to the tester that I didn't want to leave my companion and the district. The other Elder, however, did really well and so they moved him away. Now I'm in a threesome companionship.

It's awesome here, I really love it. It's weird to say but I always hate to see other missionaries goofing off. I always laugh when an Elder expresses how much he wishes he spoke Spanish better and then you see him goofing around during study time. I spend every second I can to study and learn the language. I'm just glad that I'm doing Spanish. It's crazy, there are so many crazy languages here, it's fun to go up to Elders where you read their nametag and it's some crazy language and you exchange testimonies in the language you are learning. I've heard testimonies in Hmong, Mandarin, Portugese, Spanish, Cambodian, Japanese and Thai. You can't find any other place like this, it's awesome!

El Espanol esta iendo muy bien. Mis maestros son muy intelligente y tienen grande fe. Apprendo mucho cada dia. Esta muy contento ser aqui ahora. Les amo!

Elder Papritz

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