Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Austin - Arrived in Wisconsin - July 6, 2010

I am just allowed a couple minutes to email and say that I got to Milwaukee, it is incredible here, I love it! It is so humid but I love it. We are going out to go tracting in an hour in Souther Milwaukee soooo pray for me! haha. Also, I sat next to the most impressive young men on the plane ride after we talked. His name was Brandon and he is a smart business and economic major going to Milwaukee for a business entrepreneurship that was confused about child baptisms, authority and the history of the Catholic church. I taught him the first lesson and he took a Book of Mormon so happily, he truly believes that if it is the word of God then God will let him know that is true. What a remarkable 21 year old man! So independent and yet so humble and receptive to truth, what an incredible way for me to start my mission. I know that God used me as a part of Brandon's conversion, he is so ready for the truth, I'm confident he will look up missionaries when he gets home.

Love you all, it was so nice hearing from you all. Take care!

Elder Papritz

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